Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where the Heat are starting to get it

This season for the Heat has been ridiculously unsteady, and that's largely due to the fact that even now, nearly 70 games into the season, they're still trying to figure out their identity. Fortunately, it seems like they're finally beginning to get it, and at the right time too.
I'm still a bit worried. Obviously a strong 3-game run isn't exactly a large enough sample size to start popping bottles for a Championship already, but the fact that they finally seem headed in the proper direction is satisfying, to say the least. Those 6 losses of a few points, where I had to endure watching Lebron take his silly step-back, pull-up three at the end of several games was almost physically painful. 
I was wondering why Wade didn't seem to be making any comments about taking the last shot, since his whole career he had been plenty more clutch than Lebron had. I was frustrated, thinking Wade was shying away and letting Lebron do his thing. However, now I realize Wade knew what he was doing all along, he was letting Lebron figure it out himself, because I suspect that if anyone told Lebron that he needed to pass it off at the end of the game, he'd try that much harder to prove them wrong.
A lot of people have been saying that Lebron has to be Pippen to Wade's Jordan. At first I thought it was ridiculous, but over the past 3 games I watched Lebron set up plays rather than hold the ball until he found a way to the cup, getting the ball to Bosh inside to do some damage and letting Wade play his game, it all seems to be meshing. At this point, nothing can be said for certain, and so much can go wrong, but right now, a lot is going right. Let's hope that continues all the way to the end.


  1. good point on the lebron! That chode monkey wont listen to anybody!

  2. good points about wade and labron, very insightful about his motivation

  3. glad to see them finally doing a bit better