Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Jimmer Fredette shot BYU out of the NCAA tournament

I want to begin by saying that I'm a big Jimmer supporter. The dude has shot lights out all season and deserves all the praise that's gone his way. With that said, the pendulum swings both ways, and with all the glory comes all the defeat as well.
Jimmer Fredette just didn't have a good game against UF, and it's made worse if you actually saw the end of the game. It was Jimmer vs. UF near the end, he wouldn't pass the ball, wouldn't even run an offense. He'd just take the ball, dribble a bit, and shoot a deep three. He finished 3-16 from deep for the night.

Near the end of the 4th when BYU actually had a shot to go ahead, Jimmer shot (by my count) 5 deep three's in a row with no actual offense, with two very costly turnovers, one at the end of the 4th that nearly cost them the game, and one in overtime that did.
I'm sorry Jimmer, like I said you deserved all the praise you got over the season and you shot lights out, but when it came to the biggest moment in your career you didn't quite cut it. Hopefully you have a chance in the NBA to prove you're not a choke artist in the clutch.


  1. lets keep it real here. Jimmer had to carry that team for 25 straight minutes. That nigger was hurt, getting swarmed, and was not getting any help.

    But honestly, your reaction was the same i had when the game was over. Choked at the end, mightve been tired. He had a damn fine game, though. And almost beat florida by himself.

  2. Wow i read a News on BYU that a player had sex before marriage and he wasnt allowed to play because of it...Mormons school policy or something

  3. Ouch, now that's really ballin. Check out my new blog, if you haven't already!